Monday, November 29, 2010

The Hardest Earned $30 of My Life!!!

The following post deals with gross subject matter not suitable for the faint of heart.  It contains scenes of needle pricking/moving, fainting, and vomiting. Reader discretion is advised... you have been warned.

This is what the plasma set up
looks like...
    Donating Plasma: even just reading those two words I'm sure you have already heard someone's horror story about it.  But you know what? For every sickening and gut-wrenching tale out there, there are a dozen people who have no problem doing it.  In fact they can make pretty good money doing it.  If you could go twice a week, you could easily earn about $300 a month for sitting for two hours watching a movie. This was my master plan.  It would pay more than my current job and I would consider myself pretty apt at movie watching.  
    Even the needles don't bother me.  In my physiology class we prick ourselves all the time to draw blood and I have no problems with that, in fact, I volunteer to be the guinea pig all the time.  My dreams were big and I had all sorts of ideas on how I'd spend my extra money... but that wasn't until....