Thursday, June 2, 2011

Germany and Portugal Trip

Warning: This is probably my longest post ever, which is saying a lot... but I'm OCD about writing everything down and this is two weeks worth of adventures.  Enjoy... in segments maybe :)

Cute and awake! (for now)
So my favorite part as well as the part I spend way too much time on for blogging is titling my post.  While thinking of what to title this one, it dawned on me that a trip as ridiculously cool as this one, does not require a uniquely catchy phrase or song lyric.  Just the fact that we got to go on this trip should be a catchy enough title :) So without further adieu... our trip to Germany and Portugal.
This is what Cam chose as his reading
material for the flight :)

Tues- After having spent a way fun night with my brother eating all the last of our produce out of the fridge and watching a highly intriguing film called, "The Last Three Days", Cam and I attempted to stay up all night.  There was a reason behind this madness and the idea was that we would stay up all night and for our first two flights so that when we were on our third flight it would be Germany's night and thus solving the jet lag dilemma.  Well, if anyone knows me, they know I love my sleep and if you come between me and my sleep... it's not a pretty situation.  So, needless to say, I lasted for about an hour and then weighed my mood against trying to catch up with Germany's time and konked out.