Friday, November 11, 2011

Live Simply

May we always remember to love and never take for granted all the blessings we have. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

First Subway Art :)

So using the link and my photoshop "skills" I created a piece of art from one of my favorite quotes :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

**Free Birthday Stuff**

Everyone loves getting stuff for their birthdays... but what would make it even better would be if it was for free!  For my husband's birthday I compiled a list from all these different "free birthday stuff" website and narrowed them down to all the different places around Provo that give you free stuff for your birthday.

What I would suggest would be to sign up at least a month before because you receive a lot of free stuff for signing up but you normally can't combine offers so unless you plan on eating out a lot, you'll make the best use of all your free stuff. A word of caution, just because it's free doesn't mean it will last forever.  I had to plan out which ones I wanted to use when so you could use them before they expired. And you normally get them on the first of the month.  Also, in order to make sure you don't misuse the coupons they may be only viewable a few times so I like to either view and print them off immediately or view them and save them as PDF so I can print them if I want to later.

Another thing, just because it says a certain size doesn't mean you necessarily have to get that size or entree, sometimes they'll give you that value towards something else, you just have to ask them beforehand. If and/or when you get annoyed of the emails after you're birthday is over, you can always unsubscribe.  But you might like some of the other deals they give out as well.  Just click on the name and I hyperlinked them directly to where you can sign up so you don't have to go through the whole website trying to figure out how to sign up. Pick your favorite places (I * mine), sign up and enjoy.

Let me know if you have any questions, if any of the links aren't working or if you know of any more places. :)

Thanks and have a great birthday!!

Arby's- Free 12 oz. shake when buy a drink exp. 7 days after received (and free roast beef sandwich for signing up)
210 West 1230 North Provo, UT 84604

*Baskin Robbins- Free 2.5 oz Ice Cream Scoop exp. 10 days after received (and $3 off for signing up for Bday Club)

29 E 1230 N Provo, UT 84604

Ben & Jerry's- Free Single scoop exp. 14 days after received (and free single scoop for signing up or $3 off cake)
7 South Rio Grande Street SLC, UT 84101

Benihana- Free $30 exp. 30 days after received (only Mon-Thurs)
165 SW Temple, Building No. 1, SLC, UT 84101

*Coldstone- Free Creation exp. 16 days after received (BOGO Free, will cost two people about $4.50)
2302 North University Parkway Provo, UT 84604

*Dairy Queen/Orange Julius- Free 20 oz smoothie exp. 14 days after received (BOGO free, costs about $5.30)
1200 Towne Centre Boulevard Provo, UT 84601

Denny's- Free Grand Slam only on the day of your birthday (show restaurant proof of birthday aka. license, passport...)
1680 N 200 W Provo, UT 84606

Fuddrucker's- Free 1/3 lbs Hamburger or entree of equal or less value exp. 14 days after received (and $7 for 1/3 lbs hamburger, fries and drink for signing up)
210 West University Parkway, Orem, UT 84097

*IHOP- Free Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity or entree of equal or less value exp. 14 days after received (and Free Rooty Tooty Fresh n' Fruity or entree of equal or less value for signing up)
1892 West 500 South Springville, UT 84663

*Jason's Deli- $5 Off any Item exp. 14 days after received
771 University Parkway Orem, UT 84097

*Noodles & Co.- Free Bowl of Noodles exp. 14 days after received
283 East University Parkway, Orem, UT 84601

Red Lobster- $5 Off any two Entrees exp. 30 days after received (should cost two people around $15)
283 East University Parkway, Orem, UT 84601

*Red Robin- Free Dish exp. 16 days after received (BOGO Free, should cost two people around $10)
1200 Towne Centre, Suite 1100 Provo, UT 84601

*Redbox- Free Rental exp. 30 days after received (and free monthly rentals for signing up)

Sonic- Free Regular Creamslush, or free Medium Tater Tots, or free Medium Drink
29 E 1230 N Provo, UT 84604

The Sweet Tooth Fairy- free cupcake (must sign up in store at front cashier desk... I haven't tried this one yet but their cupcakes are to die for so I'll let you know in October when my birthday comes up)

*TCBY- Free Small Cup or $3 off any TCBY Yogurt Cake or Pie exp. 14 days after received
1200 Towne Centre Boulevard Provo, UT 84601

Texas Roadhouse- Free Appetizer or Sidekick of Ribs exp. 10 days after received (Buy entree, costs two people around $20) 
1265 S. State Street Orem, UT 84097

*Tucanos- Free Meal exp. within your bday month (BOGO Free, watch for postcard in mail, costs two people around $15 lunch and $20 dinner)
4801 North University Avenue # 790, Provo, UT 84604

Wienerschnitzel-  Free Corndog exp. 17 days after received(Free Chili Dog for signing up)

Check out these websites for even more free birthday stuff outside of the Provo area.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Need a Laugh??

Laughter is the best medicine! So doctor's orders: take a break from the day and stresses, and give yourself a good laugh here :)

Mark Gungor- "A Tale of Two Brains"

Father Guido Sarducci's- "Five Minute University"

John Pinette- "I Don't Do Ups"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Funeral Song...

I'm not having any premonitions or anything, but I decided what song I want played at my funeral.  It's called "Homeward Bound", it's lyrics and soaring melodies are beautiful.  They speak of love and loss and how they both fulfill life's purpose.  

When we lose people we love, suffer from loneliness or insecurities or are struggling with all the other pressures of life, it's so important to remember that God has a plan for us.  We may only see bits and pieces of the puzzle at a time which frightens us because it hurts.  Pain or immediate remedies to our ailments are not His justice upon us... Pain is simply God's megaphone and He wants us to know that these are but small moments for us to learn and grow from. There is no growth in the comfort zone, nor is there any comfort in the growth zone.  

After enduring these trials and pressures and ailments well, we will in turn experience greater true and honest joy than we can imagine. I know that God loves us and truly wants for us to be with Him, like Him and of Him, and by doing this we will find that true and honest joy. Enjoy these two versions by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and William Joseph :)

In the quiet misty morning

When the moon has gone to bed,
When the sparrows stop their singing
And the sky is clear and red,
When the summer's ceased its gleaming
When the corn is past its prime,
When adventure's lost its meaning -
I'll be homeward bound in time
Bind me not to the pasture
Chain me not to the plow
Set me free to find my calling
And I'll return to you somehow

If you find it's me you're missing
If you're hoping I'll return,
To your thoughts I'll soon be listening,
And in the road I'll stop and turn
Then the wind will set me racing
As my journey nears its end
And the path I'll be retracing
When I'm homeward bound again
Bind me not to the pasture
Chain me not to the plow
Set me free to find my calling
And I'll return to you somehow

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Germany and Portugal Trip

Warning: This is probably my longest post ever, which is saying a lot... but I'm OCD about writing everything down and this is two weeks worth of adventures.  Enjoy... in segments maybe :)

Cute and awake! (for now)
So my favorite part as well as the part I spend way too much time on for blogging is titling my post.  While thinking of what to title this one, it dawned on me that a trip as ridiculously cool as this one, does not require a uniquely catchy phrase or song lyric.  Just the fact that we got to go on this trip should be a catchy enough title :) So without further adieu... our trip to Germany and Portugal.
This is what Cam chose as his reading
material for the flight :)

Tues- After having spent a way fun night with my brother eating all the last of our produce out of the fridge and watching a highly intriguing film called, "The Last Three Days", Cam and I attempted to stay up all night.  There was a reason behind this madness and the idea was that we would stay up all night and for our first two flights so that when we were on our third flight it would be Germany's night and thus solving the jet lag dilemma.  Well, if anyone knows me, they know I love my sleep and if you come between me and my sleep... it's not a pretty situation.  So, needless to say, I lasted for about an hour and then weighed my mood against trying to catch up with Germany's time and konked out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go...

True wuv...
   Tell you what... graduation is and isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  A lot of people when they graduate from college assume that they deserve a job.  And hey, after four plus years of grueling tests, hours of homework balanced with a home life and work to afford those years of schooling... it's hard not to feel a little entitled, right?
   The best part of graduation for me, was an excuse  to get all my family and friends together.  Unfortunately, my husband's family wasn't able to make it, but they were in NYC supporting his little sister whose orchestra were competing and playing at Carnegie Hall.  It was very tempting to skip walking to go to that.  However, we still had a lot of fun with all the family that could come.
Me and BFF... who's now
on a mission!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Sheep

Twas a sheep not a lamb that strayed away
In the parable Jesus told,
A grown-up sheep that strayed away
From the ninety and nine in the fold.
And why for the sheep should we seek
And earnestly hope and pray?
Because there is danger when sheep go wrong;
They lead the lambs astray.
Lambs will follow the sheep, you know,
Wherever the sheep may stray.
When sheep go wrong, it won’t take long
Til the lambs are as wrong as they.
And so with the sheep we earnestly plead
For the sake of the lambs today,
For when sheep are lost, what a terrible cost
The lambs will have to pay!

-C. C. Miller

("The Echo," C. C. Miller, quoted in Hugh B. Brown, The Abundant Life [1965])

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If It’s Not Eternal, Forget It: In Memory of Bennett Scott Wilkinson (2009-2011)

       Taken from Deseret News Obituaries- "On Saturday, January 22, 2011, a Loving Father in Heaven tenderly took home one of His own. Bennett Scott Wilkinson, born May 31, 2009, brought more joy, light and love to the world in a mere 20 months than many experience in a lifetime. It was a privilege to call him our son. 
        He spread love and laughter wherever he went whether it was smothering his mommy with kisses, falling asleep on his daddy's chest for a nap, calling out to his sisters, Emma and Gracelyn, for morning bath time or playing "cahs" with his best friend and brother, Ashton.

      He was eager to smile, anxious to love, quick to laugh and ready to forgive. We will smile whenever we remember his obsession with all-things handles and the way his little body shuffled around the kitchen trying to sweep the floor for mommy. He was a gift. Simply a gift. We will forever cherish the scribbles left on our walls, the handprints placed on our windows and the etching he engraved on our hearts. He was here but a moment but will be ours forever. And with Bennett, forever won't be long enough.