Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is Your Life... Are You Who You Want To Be?

It seems all our lives we fantasize about being people we aren't. When I was little, I would dream for hours that I was an Animorph (animal morpher). I would hold my cat trying to absorb her DNA and later in bed, I would focus for hours trying to morph into my pet cat. Growing up, things changed but my desires only evolved. I wanted to be just like Meredith, she was beautiful, she wore all the right clothes, she did her hair perfect every morning, and even had a purse to match each outfit. Try as I might, I didn't have the patience or time to be that fashionable and I ended up as the cool new kid with braces and her hair pulled back in french braids (as seen in pic... not so cool). You think you get over it the older and (hopefully) more mature you get, but again, it just evolves. Now, I'm a wife to a wonderful husband, but I'm still not what I ever pictured I would be. In my mind, when I was going to be a wife I had a picture in my mind of a taller, slimmer and more glamorous version of myself. When I got